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European Crypto Regulations

2023-04-21   |   by Carl Cohen   |   1431

EU Parliament Approves Crypto Licensing, Funds Transfer Rules

What does that mean?

The legislation, which seeks to reduce risks for consumers buying crypto assets, will mean providers can become liable if they lose investors’ crypto-assets.

The rules will impose a number of requirements on crypto platforms, token issuers and traders around transparency, disclosure, authorization, and supervision of transactions. MiCA also addresses environmental concerns surrounding crypto, with firms forced to disclose their energy consumption as well as the impact of digital assets on the environment. 

We are also proud to say that Credefi Finance is part of the European Green Deal.

The European Green Deal, approved in 2020, is a set of policy initiatives by the European Commission with the overarching aim of making the European Union (EU) climate neutral in 2050. 

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