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March Full Recap

2023-04-15   |   by Carl Cohen   |   1523

Following up on February recap, it's time to summarize what happened in March.

It's been a busy month and a lot of amazing things happened!

1️⃣ We kicked off the month with another recognition for Credefi Finance. We were nominated for #StartinBlock Top 100 Nomination by Paris Blockchain Week. 
We were able to make a lot of new connections and we have opened talks in terms of partnerships, moving into the future.

2️⃣ We've struck a successful partnership with ApeSwap, where our native token #CREDI got listed as well.
We wanted to give different opportunities for our investors to decide where to buy from - be it a CEX or a DEX.
This resulted in a successful increase in terms of both - volume and price. 

3️⃣ #CREDI made the TOP 10 COINS by LunarCrush Galaxy Score and we made it to the Top 15 List by CryptoDiffer. Fantastic achievements for both the projects itself and our native token. 

4️⃣ We hired our new CMO! 
Emiliya Nankova is our new Chief Marketing Officer. We are confident that she will have a significant contribution to our continued success.

5️⃣ Last, but not least, Credefi was Validated and Listed on Magic Square. 
The Magic Store is a Web3 App Store solution where the community vets, ranks, and prioritizes the apps via a DAO mechanism.

Additional info:
Our product is working flawlessly. 
Up until now, we've had more than 30+ borrowers with 500k repaid exposures and 0 defaults with 10% delinquency.
We were also able to collect more than $200 000 additional in TVL.
All of this data will be available publicly with on Credefi Finance Platform V2.

To conclude in three words - Work, work, work!
March was amazing in terms developments and achievements.
Our community have grown even stronger, the support we get from them is just astonishing!

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