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Credefi Finance Platform 2.0

2023-08-16   |   by Carl Cohen   |   450

Weekly Updates

Hold onto your hats because we're about to drop some seriously sensational news. Since the epic launch of v2.0 of our platform, we've been in overdrive, cooking up enhancements that are bound to blow your mind. Your unwavering support and patience have fueled our fire, and we're committed to giving you nothing less than jaw-dropping awesomeness.

Blasts of Brilliance Since v2.0 Unleashed:

🎨 Design Dazzle: We waved our magic wand and squashed a pesky design glitch that dared to show up on our sleek new platform.
🔐 Password Power: No more password panic! We tackled a forgotten password glitch head-on and emerged victorious.
🚀 Metamask Magic: A sprinkle of tech fairy dust has elevated our Metamask mojo to new heights.
💰 Price Precision: We've linked arms with Coingecko, bringing you real-time price updates that'll leave you in awe.
🔒 KYC Revolution: Our KYC policies got a makeover, ironing out wrinkles and boosting security.

Coming Soon to a Screen Near You: Prepare to Be Amazed!

🔗 WalletConnect Wonders: Brace yourself for a ride into the seamless realm of WalletConnect connectivity.
💼 OKX Web3 Wizardry: Say hello to OKX web3 wallet integration, expanding our wallet compatibility universe.
📱 Mobile Marvel: An optimized mobile version is hurtling your way, so you can bask in brilliance on the move.
👤 Profile Power-Up: Your user profile is in for a transformational treat, packing more punch than ever before.

We're absolutely thrilled to have you on board for this electrifying journey. Your insights and genius suggestions are like rocket fuel propelling us toward perfection. Hold onto your seats because we're cranking up the excitement dial – stay tuned for an explosion of mind-blowing updates!

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