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Credefi x Experian Interview

2023-04-24   |   by Carl Cohen   |   1398

You can now watch the full interview we did with Experian

А while ago, we gave you a sneak peak to an exclusive interview we did with Experian. 

In lights of the current turmoil in the banking sector, it becomes even more evident that risk assessment is a core component to long term financial stability, which furthermore consolidates the credibility of any institution! 
We sat down with Mariyan Matakev EMEA Analytics and Head of Analytics CE&Balkans and Rostislav Gyonkov Senior Business Consultant, from Experian and had an amazing conversation! 

The interview is quite informative and gives a sneak peak of what it is to come from our partnership moving forward! 

Full interview will be premiered on YouTube (18 PM CET | April 24th) and will be available trough this link:

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