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Want a Guaranteed 10% APY?

2023-03-18   |   by Carl Cohen   |   1423

Receive a minimum of 10% APY on USDT, USDC, DAI and BUSD by simply staking them on our platform

Are you looking for a safe environment for your savings? 

With the current situation around the banks, why pay them fees to hold your funds when you can generate a 100% secure passive income by just lending with us?

Did you know that you can receive from a minimum of 10% APY and up to 40% APY on stable coins, depending on your risk appetite? 

The 3-layer-security mechanism we've built, along with the Experian background analysis on the line, significantly reduces the chances of default and loss of your funds, making it a perfectly safe environment for your funds.

Last, but not least, the collateral system that we are using is coming from the real-economy, which totally negates the crypto world volatility. 

This is how we think the real-world assets tokenization should work and we've been doing this with more than 3 000 000$ already!

Credefi is here for you! 

Let's revolutionize the world together!

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