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Credefi Referral Program

2022-06-15   |   by Carl Cohen   |   1999

The way the program will function and the benefits it will give to the person referring are as it goes: 👇

1️⃣ There is a button on our platform, at, which can be found at the upper menu when you have logged into your account, between the network tab and the account tier level tab;

2️⃣ When you press on it, it will generate a referral code and a link for you to send;
3️⃣ The person referring (the referrer) will get 15% of the interest rate on the money lent by the referred person (the referee).
4️⃣ The interest rate of the person performing the lending will be paid out in stablecoins, as usual, but these 15% that the referrеr gets will be paid in CREDI tokens, at the current market price.

❗️No new CREDI tokens will be minted.❗️



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