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Credefi partners with Cere Network

2021-12-13   |   by Carl Cohen   |   2198

Credefi, a pioneer hybrid of DeFi and Fintech protocol connecting crypto lenders with small and medium business borrowers from the real economy, will work with Cere Network, the Decentralized Data Cloud platform, to:
  1. Ensure maximum security and decentralization of sensitive user data.
  2. Develop the Credefi Network to further enhance the protocol’s security and seamlessly integrate the multiple third-party solutions that Credefi will be using for its smooth operations including on-/off-ramp solutions, oracles, Experian’s credit scoring validations, and other external service providers.
  3. Solidify its role as the gateway for SMEs to the world of blockchain technologies. Cere’s SaaS solution offers multiple flexible and innovative enterprise use cases that can be adopted by SMEs. Credefi will introduce the benefits of those as part of its cooperation

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