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Credefi announces investment by Moonrock Capital

2021-10-13   |   by   |   2401

Credefi, the leading lending protocol bridging crypto lenders and small & medium business (SMB) borrowers from the traditional economy, is pleased to announce and welcome Moonrock Capital as Credefi’s newest investor.

Moonrock Capital is a London-based blockchain investment and advisory firm that is dedicated to helping blockchain startups accelerate their growth and prosper. Moonrock has developed a unique growth strategy that focuses on critical aspects of the blockchain business by leveraging key relationships and experience in the industry.

As an investor, Moonrock Capital will provide invaluable guidance based upon its large incubation experience and expertise in the DeFi space — Moonrock has worked with projects like Occam.Fi, Mintlayer, Showcase, DAFI Protocol, among others.

This new strategic alliance will allow the team led by Alex Smith, Simon Dedic and Jonathan Habicht to support Credefi’s strategy, marketing and business development, as well as giving access to powerful contacts in the Moonrock Capital network that can further boost the expansion and growth of the Credefi platform.

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